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setting •

It wasn’t a question of “if” it would happen, it was a question of “when”.

The year is 2065. At a glance, the world seems deserted; there’s no sign of civilization anywhere. Cities that were once thriving and overpopulated now stand in eerie silence.

Fifty years ago, a meteorite struck the planet. It slammed into Greenland, punching a crater the size of New York into the enormous ice cap that blankets the country and destroying the glaciers holding the separate islands together. As the ice began to melt in the aftermath of the collision, sea levels rose, methane was released from the warming permafrost, and that which we know as “global warming” was kicked suddenly and violently into effect.

As the runaway climate changes occurred, Planet Earth reached a moment which scientists call the “tipping point” – the point when the global climate moves, usually irreversibly, from one stable state into another. The point of no return. As the temperature of the Earth rose, more ice melted, and more methane and carbon dioxide was released into the atmosphere, which caused the temperature to rise even further. Warming caused more warming, and so on.

The effects on the planet were catastrophic. While droughts, heat waves and forest fires wreaked havoc on some areas of the globe, monsoons, flash floods and tsunamis wiped out life in others. Coastal settlements were swallowed up by the rising sea level, and those at the base of mountains were crushed by extreme wet avalanches as the snow melted and shifted. Tropical disease and mosquito-born illness killed off millions. The entire eco-system began to collapse as wildlife scrambled to keep pace.

The governments of the world had never expected global warming to occur at such a rapid rate, and so they were completely unprepared. It took little more than nine years for the effects to become painfully obvious and, despite countless attempts by the world’s leading scientists and trillions upon trillions of dollars of funding, it was completely irreversible.

Society as we know it collapsed. Countries segregated themselves from one another in a vain, panicked attempt to save themselves. Governments struggled to keep control over their citizens as riots broke out and levels of crime increased drastically. Little by little, society continued to deteriorate as people scrambled pitifully for habitable areas of land, areas that weren’t too wet, too hot or too unstable. New cities were built on this land. Each was individually governed and had no communication at all with other cities or the rest of the world.

the city of haven •

Haven is one of these cities. Formed almost forty years ago somewhere in middle America by a new and corrupt government, it has grown from a small settlement into a large and bustling metropolis. It acts as a sanctuary for over half a million people of various ethnicities, age and social status.

The government has managed to secure complete control over the citizens, ruling with an iron fist. They provide and keep a close hold on all of the electricity, water, food, and any and all other necessities within the city. They allow the rich and powerful to prosper whilst ignoring the suffering of the poor. They are behind the media – printed and televised – and use it as just another means of controlling the people. They draw up all of the laws and are not afraid to punish those who fall out of line and make an example of them. They do as they see fit. Freedom of speech, democracy and “real” justice have become things of the past.

People within the city are expected to toe the line and live out normal lives. They live in fear of the government and do as they are told. They work normal jobs, all controlled by the government. They send their children to schools which, again, are controlled by the government. Those who don’t have the luxury of a job, who aren’t qualified or are just unlucky, are left to suffer in their unemployment with no benefits whatsoever.

However, things are starting to change. There are rifts appearing within the government, threatening its very existence. Terrorists and resistance factions are starting to rise up and fight back against their oppressors, demanding democracy and freedom of speech. Organized religion – which at first the government saw simply as another way of keeping order amongst the citizens – is beginning to rally more power than the government feels is necessary and safe. And, to make matters worse, humans with strange, sometimes demonic abilities are beginning to reveal themselves amongst the people of Haven.

As the oppressed citizens start to fight for their freedom, and the government does everything it can to keep a tight hold over them, the city is on the brink of civil war. The only question is... which side are you on?

directory •
information •

CURRENT IN-GAME DATE: Tuesday, March 2nd, 2065.
{ IRL: June 7th - 10th }

Reserves and applications are currently OPEN.

moderators •

Crux | cherrywhip
aim • crosswhipped
e-mail • havenmods@gmail.com

Famine | feedingfamine
aim • fortunesfamine
e-mail • havenmods@gmail.com

disclaimer •

Although the moderators have done extensive research for the premise of this game, we realize that our backstory is not entirely accurate. We have deliberately changed and dramatized aspects for the purpose of making things more interesting. Please don't contact us to lecture us about the parts that are scientifically inaccurate.