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second bby!

Hey, Karen here with her second character.

Picked up Bellatrix Black from Harry Potter -she's pre-insanity, but still really manipulative and sarky. She works for the Government ruining lives in the Internal Affairs department.

Her information is in her journal. ^_^
Feel free to poke around.
And you can AIM me on Alexithymiaburn. ^_^


Yes, I'm a few days late in posting this. Why? Work. |D Derp. I work a lot since my job seems to like me, but I'm here~

I'm Mecha and I'm playing your resident Riza Hawkeye from FullMetal Alchemist. She's a SOLDIER member, but also a member of the resistance~.

She's also got a huuuge matrix on her back, but she hides it.

Anyway, you can find me on AIM under the screen name of mechtechangel if you'd like to chat or plot. |D

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Welcome to The City Of Haven RPG.
As of this moment, the game is officially open!

It's technically June 4th as of this moment, so the site is now open! The moderators have posted an open event for anyone who wants to respond to it. It's just to give you all an excuse to have your characters interact with one another, to get the ball rolling. Feel free to jump in anywhere, either replying to other people's comment threads, or starting one of your own and waiting for someone else to respond.

If you don't want to jump into the open post, feel free to start one of your own, either open or closed to someone else. However, before you post, please just remember a few of our community rules:

• Please friendslock all posts to the threading and roleplaying communities (havenrpg and havenlogs). Posts to the OOC community can be public, but it is mandatory to friendslock posts to the actual roleplaying communities.

• Roleplaying threads (third-person action logs) are to be posted in havenlogs. All communications threads (text messages, memos, e-mails, phone calls, letters, etc) are to be posted to havenrpg.

• Use the community's log format when you're posting a log or starting a thread. It can be found here.

• The in-game date for Haven RPG is posted on the profile pages of all of the communities. Please keep this in mind when you are starting new logs. (You may post back-dated logs, but please don't jump ahead!)

Keep the F.A.Q. and Rules in mind when playing, and if you have anymore questions, don't hesitate to contact a moderator. Please pimp the site out to your friends and RP buddies, and let's try and get more people interested as the game grows. :)

Have fun, guys, and enjoy the site!

~ Your mods


Hello Haven! You can call me Augustine, and I'm bringing you guys Taiga Aisaka from the anime Toradora!

I'll get around to updating the profile sometime soon, but until then, here's what you should know about her: she's a rich girl who lives by herself because she's too big of a pain in her parents' ass to be at home. She doesn't like the government, even though they employ mom and dad, so she joined BOMB after she got kicked out.

She's tiny, but fierce, and will scream swear words at you, beat you up, and then make you cook her dinner. And she's also pretty insecure, but any characters who might use that against her didn't hear it from me~

Hit me up on AIM at augustinehiver, or MSN as dorseyhorsey@hotmail.com.

Looking forward to playing <3
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Greetings, all! Crux-mod checking in (finally!) for my introduction post.

I'll be the force behind Reno here at Haven, a somewhat cynical, cocky, loud-mouthed Turk of just over one year. He ran with Supernova for a few years before being scouted out by the Turks for SOLDIER, very quickly transferring to the Turks himself.

I hope you'll all enjoy the way I play him and, if you don't, feel free to stop by my HMD post in my journal. You'll also find his backstory there and some more info about him.

You can find me on AIM @ cross whipped if you wanna plot with me. I'm super friendly and am looking forward to playing with everyone here at some point. <3

Peace out, guys! And see you all thursday. :)

~ Crux


We do introductions? Yes? Yes.

Okay. Hi!
I'm Karen, I'll be playing Seifer -he's an angry young man, really. But don't be scared off. He's mostly...well, bark and bite. But hey. It's fun.

All my info is stored in my journal -application with background and my contact stuff.
Feel free to poke me. ^_^

Looking forward to playing with you all.

Mod post.

Hey, all!

Just to let you know, we've pushed the start of the game back by a week to give everyone time to get their applications in. The game will now begin on Thursday June 4th.

Also, applications are now to be sent via e-mail to havenmods[@]gmail[.]com rather than left in comments.

Thanks guys, and we look forward to playing with you all!

~ Your moderators.

First post EVER. I WIN!

Greetings, folks.

Name's Jay and I'm bringing to Haven your friendly devil-hunter/contract killer, Dante. Be nice to him and he might not bite. Or then again he might just for spite.

/stops rhyming now.

Anyways, contact info and stuff's in the journal, so feel free to drop in and say hullo. :)
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